We all like to learn about new things which are either already on the market and available to buy or even of things which may not even be on the market yet but are expected to soon be. It may be a new design for a basketball shoe or an unusual gift item for someone special. It may of course be a new game or just a new way to peel potatoes but if it is new, we often like to at least hear about it even if we don’t particularly want to buy it ourselves. Although you may sometimes hear about some of these things via the social media, you may only hear about the ones from people you are friends with. Of course you could always spend your days browsing the different websites to see if any of them have anything new to offer but apart from taking up a lot of time, it can also be very boring. Today though there is a way you can find out about many of the things that may be new, unique or just different from the norm and that way is to visit the relatively new website by Updunk. This is a website that invites anyone to upload anything which they think may be of interest to other visitors to the site. Hopefully it will contain unique gift ideas and new innovative technology which is only just being researched. It may have new or interesting sports items and possibly interesting news items that never made the big time media. As these uploads are mainly going to consist of videos, it will make any information easy to digest without have to read through reams of fancy technical jargon. The actual content will be provided by visitors to the site themselves and will include anything that one visitor thinks may be of interest to future visitors but will of course be scrutinized by the website’s owner but mainly just for quality of content not so much for content topic. This can be a fun way to learn of what is new or different as it will require just visiting one website instead of many and if you too, hear of something that is interesting not just to you but you think will be of interest to others too, you can upload that too and share it. It is rare for just one website to bring you such a range of different topics with new or strange items within each of those topics. We probably all have at least one or two websites which we visit on a regular basis, perhaps some we visit each and every day and this may be a website we may want to add to that list as we will never know when something new has been added or how interesting that added content may be. It is hoped that the site will be as much fun as it is a source of information about what is new out there in the market place.