One of the main ways in which the United States can reduce its significant drug addiction problem, is to make American’s more knowledgeable about illegal drugs and the effects of addiction. A point in this is that probably the majority of Americans think that the country’s drug problem is due to illegal drugs entering the country, they are therefore against the countries where the drugs originated but the truth is that the large majority of addicts in the U.S are addicted to meth (methamphetamine) and that meth is usually produced within the U.S, not having to cross any borders in order to reach the American Streets.

Although it is generally said that illegal drugs can be bad for you, often the details are not gone into. It is often mentioned that as well as Meth making you feel good that it also gives you feelings of paranoia, anxiety, anger and irritation, it is not so often mentioned that math can also give you problems with your heart, blood, kidneys and liver, plus it can have a diverse effect on your skin condition.

These additional can and have led to death, even if meth had only been taken in moderation. There are websites though, like which point out these different things but they should be more prominently displayed than just on a website here and there.

This particular website belongs to a recovery center in Orange County California and that, like many others, are doing a good job in helping people to quit their addiction unfortunately though, people need to want to quit in order for them to do so and not enough do as they are not fully informed or weren’t prior to becoming addicted.

It is perhaps ironic that meth was first introduced in the U.S as a miracle drug, a drug which could successfully help people to lose weight but it was only after it had become popular that further tests were carried out on it which found the drug to be very dangerous and so banned its use, making it an illegal drug. By that time though of course, as it was found out later, meth was very addictive and so many people, only hoping to lose weight, were already hooked and addicted to what became an illegal drug.

As with anything else, if a market exists, someone will produce the product and so instead of meth no longer being available, it became even easier to get, all be it through the black market. Today the addiction problem is still as bad as it has ever been despite the country being at war with drugs for some decades now and the problem will remain as long as the people remain uninformed about illegal drugs and the consequences that can happen if you get addicted to them. The people that sell illegal drugs are well informed and are often good salesmen and so the younger generation will always be at risk if they remain uneducated about the truth of illicit drugs.