It is not healthy when you have high levels of cholesterol in your blood since it can lead to other diseases, according to the American Heart Association. It is therefore important to watch the food you eat and maintain a healthy lifestyle to prevent high cholesterol. High cholesterol can actually be caused by many factors such as your lifestyle, family history, etc. It is a good idea to know its causes to prevent it. Read on to find out what causes high cholesterol, as we as foods to avoid with gout details:


This is one of the most common causes of an increase in cholesterol levels. Smoking has a lot of side effects and increasing your cholesterol levels is one of those. You might say you only smoke 1 stick a day and that won’t hurt, but you must know that taking a single stick a day adds up and it can still contribute in increasing your cholesterol levels. Thus, when you quit smoking you do not only save money but also save your health.smoking-main

Family History

High cholesterol levels can also be the cause of being an offspring of someone with high levels of cholesterol. If any of your family members has high levels of cholesterol, your chances of getting one are high. So, if you know that high cholesterol runs in your family, you should try to take some preventive measures before it strikes you.

Health Condition

chronic-health-issuesIt is of great importance to see your family doctor to have your regular yearly checkup. You will have a better idea of your overall health if you have your regular yearly checkup. Your doctor can see any health problems right away and you can start your treatment early on, preventing yourself from getting any further complications later. Also, other diseases can contribute to high cholesterol levels. This is especially common in diseases like hyperthyroidism or diabetes.

Gender & Age

Oftentimes, high cholesterol is not only caused by family history or any health disease but also by gender and age. Cholesterol levels in people start to increase as they reach the age of 21. That is why as you age you must be more careful of your diet and live a healthier lifestyle so that you can avoid getting high levels of cholesterol.

Lack of Exercise

5090908-3x2-700x467Being a couch potato never really does anyone any good. When you lack exercise or any physical activity, your levels of bad cholesterol tend to increase. That is why exercise is always good for the body. Try to exercise regularly to maintain your good cholesterol levels.


When you are overweight you are also prone to obtaining high levels of cholesterol. It can actually decrease your good cholesterol or HDL levels. It is therefore a good idea to avoid being overweight.


Saturated fats in foods can also increase cholesterol levels. Avoid eating foods that are rich in saturated fats such as cheese, butter, eggs, milk, veal, pork or beef. Additionally, saturated fats may also be present in chips, crackers, cookies, vegetable shortening and stick margarine.

If you’re still unsure of how to maintain healthy cholesterol levels maybe you should just do like many do and eat only healthy organic foods and pick up a hobby like running. The Great Long Run is an excellent blog to start, as they cover all sorts of natural activities you can do that don’t cost a lot but in turn can really improve your overall heart health. Check them out!